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An Amazing Journey

March 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

Venice+canal+quoteRecently I’ve been developing a prototype e-book for Long-Distance Dad as part of a larger proposal package. This work required me to shift focus from the current challenges of Mtuseni finding an internship to our earliest days — and some key decisions I faced at the time. For example, when the nonprofit program that first connected us shut down, I could have wished Mtuseni well and moved on with my life. But instead I pulled together other ways for us to communicate. Then I made one of biggest decisions of my life: to put him through college.

These decisions set in motion a life-changing journey for both of us, one that is still unfolding. I had no idea how things would play out. And if some fortune teller had told me about all the twists and turns and bumps we’d encounter these past four years, I might have decided to skip the ride entirely. But I opted for the unknown because I believed Mtuseni was worth the risk, and the rewards we both have received prove this was the right decision.

As much as we appreciate the safety and certainty of the familiar, sometimes you need to take new roads — even if you can’t see what’s around the bend. You need to make the decision … to go.

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Cape Town+inspiation+motivation+quoteI’ve always been a collector of inspirational quotes. Sometimes a few crisp, resonant words — whether from a wise philosopher or just an average person who had a flash of brilliance — can make you stop and say, “Damn, that speaks right to me and where I am in my life.”

When I’m feeling stuck or lost or in need of some perspective beyond the muck and monsters in my head, I’ll skim through my small notebooks of quotes and always feel rejuvenated for the journey.

I’ve often shared quotes with Mtuseni to keep him motivated, lift him up, or remind him of what’s possible. This quote is a favorite that I use whenever he’s faced with being stretched past his comfort zone. And it works — he’s become much more open to taking risks and striving for far-off goals… and knows that falling short a few times is no reason to give up.

I can’t remember where this quote came from, but I do know it’s from a child learning to swim. The state of wonder and innocence over the “moving rock” makes it enchanting — and effective.

Keep swimming, keep trying — and in time it will become easy to reach that rock at the finish line!

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