Backstory and Beyond

The Long-Distance Dad blog began nearly ten years ago, sharing my experiences as mentor and surrogate father to a teen (now young adult!) in a South African settlement. For someone who had no desire to have kids, I got a crash course in parenting — from 8,000 miles away!

LDD one sheet thumb-smlMtuseni and I have become a global family. The bond we’ve developed has enriched our lives immeasurably — and hopefully will inspire others to reach across differences and make meaningful connections.

A memoir recounting our journey — from the first awkward chat to an epic road trip through America — is in the works. A full book proposal for Long-Distance Dad is available for literary agent review. Click the image to see a one-sheet for the book.


In 2020, with Mtuseni charting his own course and less dependent on my guiding hand, I began mapping out long-overdue new paths for myself. The mantra for my life going forward is…

Explore. Discover. Share. Enlighten. Empower. Inspire.Β 

My vision to manifest that life is on my Beck’s Next Act website. Posts from that blog will also appear on this site … as this long-distance dad explores infinite possibilities for the future!

skyline from liberty both

New York skyline from Statue of Liberty, September 2019

5 responses to Backstory and Beyond


    You have an incredible story and such a loving heart for being the person you are. You prove that love and understanding can exist across generations, across cultures, and across distances.



    Hey there! I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blog Award!


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