Lessons in Perspective: Oscars Style

February 25, 2013 — 1 Comment

I saw on GMA this morning that all the Oscar nominees who didn’t win a statuette will take home something else instead: a bag of goodies valued at $45,000. The consolation package is called “Everybody Wins,” because evidently these folks are no different from third graders at a soccer tournament — and their lives are so deprived of material things. Thank god promotional marketing can carry the losers through their grief.

South-Africa+Zulu-traditional+apparelMeanwhile, in a parallel but all-too-real universe, Mtuseni told me yesterday that his mom is stressed because she was “demoted” at work. How far down you can go from cleaning planes after flights I’m not sure, but her recent extended absences due to illness (with no pay, of course) seemed to be the reason. How this affects what she does on the job isn’t clear, but her monthly salary has been cut 25 percent from R2000 to R1500. So now Nester will earn $168 a month to raise her three kids.

Anybody wanna do the math to figure out how many times $168 goes into $45,000?

I hope the disappointed nominees are comforted by their Everybody Wins gift bags. Meanwhile, I’m going to see how I can buy some grocery gift cards so Mtuseni’s little sister and brother can eat.

Hooray for Hollywood.

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